Month: June 2013

Vitruvian Human

This may be a more comfortable name for them – wo-man,  sheman etc are all perhaps a bit odd or biased one way or another… So, here they are photoshopped to look like… well, like the vision in my mind, more or less… The sculpture won’t have the glow, unless at night…   The little …

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Vitruvian Sheman

A possible theme for an heroic-romantic sculpture of the Balance at Eutopia? I was thinking recently about what could be an image for the Possible Human, moving beyond the magnificent but martial and solo male David by Michelangelo: I was thinking about my ‘Live Hand in Hand’ image of the man and woman, then of …

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The Chair of the Wizard

The Chair of the Artist as a Young Man: Today I posted in to say that THIS blog (which you are reading) is where my general blogging will happen, and I got a little flurry of (mostly automated spammy) follows to – yes, wizardgifts. So if you are here, you are in the right …

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