The Chair of the Wizard

The Chair of the Artist as a Young Man:

the chair of the artist as a young man reduced

Today I posted in to say that THIS blog (which you are reading) is where my general blogging will happen, and I got a little flurry of (mostly automated spammy) follows to – yes, wizardgifts. So if you are here, you are in the right place to follow the uncertain pilgrimage of the wizard of Eutopia. Thank you!

I have recently revised my focus onto art rather than abstract communications. This is mainly because I was starving, so to speak. No one much, it seems, has the time or head space for new ideas. They’re too busy working to pay their inflated mortgages and the latest iphone/ipad, and rushing home to go on facebook and twitter, catch up on the latest reality TV, read the latest ironic dystopian novel, and shop on Trademe or Ebay… I guess, though I don’t know many of them personally.

Enough about them. Let’s talk about me. Just joking! ‘They’ are so unused to passionate minds that they assume I’m just talking about myself when I enthuse about the things which captivate and obsess my mind, such as the vision of eutopia, and the ideals of Love Beauty Truth Freedom – and ways to express these in real 3d non-vitual, non-ironic life.

So, in this blog there will be Eutopian sculpture, romantic, heroic and unabashed. There will be carvings and paintings, and announcements of the latest ebooks if I manage to fit any of that in. And of course news about the place  which by some miracle I still own, Cafe Eutopia aka Dreamspace. There is where I hope to ‘lurk’ and sculpt, build said sculptures of ferrocement, and hopefully even have meaningful 3d talks with pilgrims to this place.

I’ve been collecting images of my artworks thus far on Pinterest, so here’s the link to that: Any of the graphics or sculptures may be for sale – I’m hoping to get that side up and running soon. Meanwhile if interested of COURSE email me and I’d be thrilled to do something for you!

I plan to make a sculpture garden/wizard world/hermit cave out the back of eutopia. I’d love it if you chose to follow this pilgrimage and adventure here! and comment from time to time, of course! or email me at wizardofeutopia at gmail.

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