A new ebook of staggering … simplicity and colour!

Last night I uploaded this, my simplest friendliest book yet! A polychromatic jewel of a book, though I say it myself. After writing a million words, it has come down to this?….

The 7 Colour Meditation – turn the pages and breathe in the colours!

A simple new way to pace yourself, slow down and be blissfully mindful. As the title says, you just turn (or click) the pages and breathe. One breath per page is a 6 minute meditation through the seven colours. To really get into a colourfully altered state, try seven breaths a page! Each colour can represent a chakra; or just a pure experience of quality…
It is deceptively simple. 🙂 Here’s the links to smashwords (free) and kindle (99cents)
If you use it and love it as I hope you will, pleeease be the one in a googleplex online (hyperbole perhaps, but not by much!) and leave a little review, or at least a rating (**** or ****** if you REALLY love it!:)
And then go forth into the world in peace, and … make a dent in the (human) universe!

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