Hobbits, and possibly bank manager, delighted

I’m pleased to announce a new direction for this wandering wizard: I am going into the hobbithole/cabin business in earnest – down in Gisborne mostly. I’ve made a separate website for this: www.hobbithaven.wordpress.com – to have its own domain soon – but this link will always work as it is a wordpress blog website. I tell the story there, and show some pictures. I’ll  continue to put more technical stuff about ferrocement here. See you at hobbithaven too! I won’t be posting overly often so click follow there too if you like hobbits and tiny homes and cabins etc!

I’ve jumped over a lot of ‘merely personal’ stuff that has been going on, as it does! The main thing is I’m following the main thing – the current inquiry, which is How to Be Myself while getting back to Making Money in a way that is Likely to Succeed. I’m so tired of being an entrepreneur of Eutopia, writing, talking to nobody most of the time, making next to nothing, and struggling with mortgage and other such tiresome things. The Zen of Making a Living… easy in the Flow of What One Is, @#$@%^& hard when not!

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