Salute to a tired wizard and his remaining brain cells

This is a recent tribute to me, by a fellow wordsmith poet and travelling musician, Kane Hogan. I have to quote it here because A: tributes to living wizards are as rare as dragons’ teeth, B: it says a lot about where I am, which is doing what concrete work comes to hand with gusto, even as time seems to be catching up with me and grand, more abstract, visions remain unfulfilled and largely – very largely – unwanted by the present generation. ‘Astronomers of the ideal, where are you?’ (Nietzsche) The wizard pressing Eutopia into culture with the art of building a dream space with what breath and brain cells remain sculpturing his ferro cement jewels, the fantasy writing with earth into stone his logo into homes like getting an ox out of the ditch the truest choice like a christ after brushing the dust from his feet from the university. Now the process and Inquiry unfolding Hobbiton styled beauty he sweats over the Arks in the landscape the physical dream spaces he makes so blessed bless the wizard If there is a wizard of any stripe in your life, take a moment and bless him! You may not realize just how much he needs it… Likewise for any muse or fairy you may know…

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