The bells of Florence ringing for Eddie Firenze

Followers of Wizardofeutopia, apologies for my veering off into another blog for a few weeks – we are on a big OE – a shout from Big Brother John now he has sold Greenstone and has time and funds to indulge little brother and show him the art and culture of Europe which he has loved from afar. See if you want to follow the adventure…

We are in Florence now, after Cannes and a train trip to Nice, where the highlight was a veritable temple of (Chagallian) art, the Chagall museum. I was transported – and had at least one Idea. What artist/mystic/human being can ask for more? Oh yes, coffee – had that too, with a big green salad too.

Yesterday the Accademia where David (the original, as chiselled and polished by the Divine Michelangelo over three years of glorious toil). And the Captives – massive ‘unfinished’ blocks, from which the figures seem to be struggling to emerge. In his later years he left a lot of works unfinished, our guide said. I smiled…. Perhaps there is hope for me.

This morning the Sunday bells were ringing and we got the news that our firstborn Anna has had a second son, Eddie… I suggested Eddie Firenze (the Italian for Florence). But I’m only the grandpa… So life goes on and renews itself relentlessly and mostly joyously in our lucky countries… While the Red Carpet was spread and vacuumed for the stars at Cannes (we waited for hours and nearly saw one), the ‘floating coffin’ refugees were drinking their own urine in the Mediterranean sea. 🙁

We are now off to the Galileo museum of science – though the stones of Florence are beautiful, the life here was grim for most and is greatly improved now with the ideals of liberty reason etc triumphant over the worst excesses of the religious and other tyrannies, and the dungeons are just tourist attractions now. And even the street beggars (mostly Gypsies I gather) have cellphones.

May Eddie Firenze grow up to see even better days, where there are no starving refugees on the blue Mediterranean…

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