Dreamspace is not just a dream!

Just for you who follow Wizardofeutopia but not my Facebook: my ‘Dreamspace Gallery and Workshops’ project has actually begun, at 61 Carnarvon St., Gisborne, with the signing of a lease and getting the keys.   See the website and click ‘follow’ to get news on this – www.dreamspaceweb.wordpress.com. (note June 2017: was dot nz but this expired unknown to me cos my peter@eutopia email failed – now using wizardofeutopia@gmail.com)

  • Dreamspace Carnarvon concept reduced 27 4 16 copy

2 thoughts on “Dreamspace is not just a dream!”

  1. Dear Peter

    what the HELL has happened to you? Your dreams have been my inspiration since I met you 48 years ago…I am still committed to beauty truth love and freedom and have the certificate you gave me couple of decades ago declaring my home as a Collaborative Utopian Enterprise….

    But now you are tweeting that you like the You tube videos of misogynists, racists, liars, billionaire bullies, anti-egaitarians, shock-jocks and haters…there is no love in these people, no beauty no truth…

    Please tell me that you like these videos because they expose these horrible people for what they really are and not because you are taken in by what they say and think they are making sense or if their views became mainstream the world would be a better place…


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    1. Hi Dave…I just saw this comment…well first where have YOU been old friend ?? No email contact… ?? And last comment on I think a blog post more or less wrote me off. So… we do have political differences but these should not come between two thinking people …if they keep open minds and don’t resort to ad hominem attacks… So…perhaps you might email me? 🙂 Ps Love Beauty Truth and Freedom are still my ideals…

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