To Finish a Saga is a Good Thing…


I’ve started posting an illustration a day on a new Facebook page @applesofaeden… as my broken heelbone heals I continue to practice focus – blinkering even – to finish a highly illustrated shorter version of Volume One of The Apples of Aeden, the Girl and the Guardian. I’ve migrated to Facebook mostly because there is where people mostly see a post and more importantly, easily comment, like, love and follow. I love blogs, but the action is seemingly on Facebook and other social media and image-centred platforms like Instagram.

And sadly Facebook no longer provide for linking of posts automatically from a blog to a Facebook page … grrr! We are at their mercy unless we go out into the wilderness of alternative platforms.

So, if you like to see my thought in words and  images of fiction and fantasy, I hope you’ll go to the Apples of Aeden page and like and follow the quest there! 

2 thoughts on “To Finish a Saga is a Good Thing…”

  1. Bonsoir Peter

    Just bouncing back on your ‘action seems to be on FB these days’. I think your blog is good, and there’s more chance of people reading your next instalment on the blog than on FB. Why? Because research says that the time people spend on a post is fractions of minutes if not seconds! But of course, blogs work for you if you are good at getting people to sign up for it. Now good practice on a blog is to post regularly enough but rarely.. like once a term for instance. You can open the Comments to readers, which is a way of making it interactive. A good thing with a blog at our end is that we can choose when to read the post, and even read it again, because it is easily accessible. FB posts are not. We’d have to call for your FB page, either your name or the Wizard’s and then find the post, if ever we wanted to read it again or share it with someone. FB is mainly good for events (the system times them and stores them), and immediacy.

    Hope that helps!



    1. Thanks for that pascale…I know I find it hard to see fb coherently… it seems to be like shifting sands. But I’ve had people say they give up trying to comment on wordpress blogs because they have to log in or register….

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