Apologies for the machine gobbledygook – human lucidity to follow this interlude of machine madness!

I thought it was 2021… so I could trust a new Word press theme to slot into place without a fuss. But no, the Hestia theme had ideas of being helpful beyond its machine intelligence, and helpfully plastered a whole bunch of sample filler text in posts it actually then posted to you…aghhh!

So no, I haven’t been hijacked by a hacker, just by programmed helpfulness on autopilot… I’m revamping this site around the novel idea that I can just be me and sell my creations as BY me, individually birthed from me, mined from the remaining paydirt in my ‘treasurepit’ as Zarathustra called it: ‘of all the treasure pits, one’s own is the last to be digged.’ He can say that again!

I’m currently convalescing from decades of ignoring this. And from a textbook prostate operation that hopefully clears me for years more productive life… and I hope to use my time wisely, to dig out the best treasures I have in me, out there on the goldfields of my own being, and not bother so much with manning storefronts offering various forms of pick and shovel for OTHER miners… Like Paulo Coelho’s Englishman in the Alchemist, I’ve finally got to the point of closing the dusty books about alchemy, and am just ‘trying’ to turn some lead into gold. I think I have it in me …

Alas, my identity as a goldfields shopkeeper has rusted my own tools a bit, and I am no longer young. Doing this revamp of my main blog has brought me face to face with the identity thing – it was hard to listen to my daughter Xanthe who is helping me with it, and not create yet another shopfront to hide behind… this time it is my very own name I am putting up, as peterharris.art. No hiding now – it’s just me and what I make. Watch this space, and once again, apologies for the gobbldygook!

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