Can we love excrement?

Oh dear!   Started the year with a well-intentioned little ebook close to my heart called ‘How to Love everyone and Everything – starting with a stone’,  (uploaded here as a free ebook: ) and the first Facebook comment I got was, ‘It looks like a turd…’ Back to earth with a thud! But the friend …

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What is Art and why do it?

For about fifty years I’ve asked this question, off and on. Maybe I’d have done better off just to DO it, but… ‘the philosopher is strong in this one’. So, ‘Art’ was one thing I found very slippery to define, so I kept worrying away at it, even while I avoided doing it. (Acknowledgements required: When …

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A new religion? declared at LoveQor

Thank you for following this blog, and bear with me: I’ve gone and refocused over at, where I’m imagining and hopefully pioneering, a new way of understanding the Logic of Love and its application to solve, well, all the main problems of the human world.  So, my latest vision and focus is now   This …

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My Qor Philosophy

Well, the big stuff always goes to the background like mountains. We need to climb the darned things or at least one of them,  if we are ever to reach our peak… So, I was sick yesterday and as often happens to me, I started philosophising with unusual candour. I.e., reckless abandon and self-honesty. At …

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Philosophy is the Red Pill

The Red Pill or the Blue Pill? Philosophy is the real-life non-drug equivalent of the Red Pill in the Matrix. It’s the use of the mind’s power to ‘zoom out’ from any situation or mindset and question it. I want to help people to take the Red Pill, so they can reimagine reality and hence …

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