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From here you can go to my books on either Smashwords or Amazon. A note on feedback on the FREE books: please review it! It’s one of my saddest discoveries online that only about one in a THOUSAND of the free downloaders (yes literally!) even gives a star rating, let alone a review. Can you be that one in a thousand? It helps me know what you think of the books, and helps a popular one rise in rankings which is a GOOD THING at least for me and hopefully for the world πŸ™‚

My ebooks on Smashwords:

My ebooks on Kindle:

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Through Smashwords my Ebooks also go to Apple, Kobo and others (search for wizard of Eutopia and Peter Harris on any of these e-readers). But you can buy straight from Smashwords, and they give the author (me!) 85% which is higher than any other I know of.

Ps: I try to keep prices the same, but Amazon don’t let you do FREE without joining their Select program which stops you from publishing anywhere else for at least 3 months. So the promotional price of 99 cents is the cheapest I can do there – (unless they offer a ‘price-match’ for a title, which has happened for How to be a Wizard and the Seven Colour Meditation – Jan 2016)

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  1. Hi Peter , I have stumbled across your Wizard of Utopia site via Gary Cooks facebook page. I really like what your philosophy to life and would be very interested in reading your books. Could you advice me on how to purchase your physical (real) books. Kind Regards Kerry.

    1. Hi Kerry, Thanks for your kind comments. Real books…oh yes those – I remember! πŸ™‚ Actually we go to the Sally Army here in Gisborne for the free or cheap books. There’s nothing like a real, bound book. Alas, the logistics of keeping a huge and growing list physically is in general prohibitive – but there is print on demand. I’ve been a bit slack in getting my books uploaded in the Createspace format, but I do have volume I of the Apples of Aeden there, also Fantastic Ferrocement. Createspace is part of Amazon, and they ship anywhere in the world. So I’ve added a page saying about print books, listing the ones on Createspace and linking to them. ALSO for NZ only, I can do Fantastic Ferrocement print books direct to you for $30 – email me

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