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UPDATE Tuesday 23rd Feb, 2021: I’m simplifying my online presence (about time!). This present site is for all my art and some of my philosophy. These are the others still active:


‘The rest is silence’…or history. I think…

Oh, and if you DO want to start a blog, go straight to for a free blog and quite a bit of online help to do it. Fear not, they have made it fairly routine! Always there’s a learning curve but it’s worth it. I think… 🙂

Blogs are good! The world is not just Facebook. There are quieter places where YOU are in charge of what’s seen, and by whom. (There’s even a private blog option, so it can be just like your own personal diary or ‘notes to oneself’, on the Cloud, unable to be dropped in the bath or lost. Unless the Web went down… Then there’s always the plan A of the notebook diary).


‘Hub’ blog: (you are here now!)

New (Jan 2016) blog for the rediscovery of the ideals of the True West: The True West 

New (Jan 2016) blog for my personal platonic meditations on the transcendental order and our minds’ relations with it:

New (24 Sept. 2015) blog for holding super creative meetings through Process: 

Website for my art works and thoughts on the philosophy and practice of art: Altars of Art

Website for a new enterprise making hobbit holes, cabins, and also Elven and Dwarfish habitations and sculptures: DREAMHAVEN

Ferrocement news blog:

Jewellery, the Eutopia and Peter Harris range:

Blog of our Gisborne house – flatmate agreements, vision statement, photos, news: Appletree Haven

Blog of our grandchildren and their families, mainly photos: Appletree Grandkids 

Ebooks by me:

Qor the creativity game: ( now main domain is
Fantasy Epic Apples of and now
A blog just for the philosophy and practice of true (multifaceted) Love : The Logic of Love
Ebook and print on demand book conversion and uploading service (now not doing this service but there’s some info here that could be of interest):

Embossed blank books and ‘burnt edge’ books designed and made by me:

Eutopian School of Wisdom and wizardry:

blog for the Doglet and her puppies:
Blog of the book How to Be a Wizard:
New Leaf Network – Self-publishing together
Memos From God – ‘messages in a bottle’ washed up on the human shore –
Crowd-funding and ‘investing in the Flow’:
Flow Rainbow, the rainbow on a desktop, for strategic overview of your workflow:
A proposed mind-body-spirit series of mini-books with multiple contributors:
Magic Mind Lounge: a place of discussion, music, and one-armed teddybears…
Wisdom site (collaborative, begun in association with Elandra et al) for wisdom gatherings:
Musical site for liberty and opening your mind. With my musician son Robert:
My former hub blog – stuff here may be of interest but not adding to it:

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