Well this is a catchup, lots have come first 16 questions are frm late 2012- jan 2013. After that I sensibly put a date, so you can look for ‘your’ question… Also, if the question is personal, situational, I am trying out using ‘inner child’ (by Lerner & Lerner) cards and picking a card. see if it works out! Synchronicity i believe ‘works’ so if done with the right attitude you can get answers with tarot cards – or opening a book at random! However, principles and initiative are ALWAYS expected of us. That really comes first.

Q1: Do you have a staff like Gandalf the Grey? A: Yes, I am carving one out of plaster, as tall as me,  reinforced with five steel rods. I will then make a mould and cast more, for sale to approved persons! 🙂 It is the same as Korman’s tree of life staff described in my fantasy epic, the Apples of Aeden, vol i.

Q2: Do you eat Brussells sprouts? A: Yes, now I am old my taste buds don’t mind. Also I know greens are good for you. And I like the shape and miniature-cabbageyness of them.

Q3: Do you have any pets? A: Yes, my (over-) familiar, Poppy the designer mongrel, part bijon, part king charles cavalier, part terrier, all lapdog.

Q4: How to walk the path of enlightenment? A: It is called Life. Enjoy! Trust! Keep learning! It may seem like a maze, but I believe it is a Labyrinth. One path winds all the way there and back again.

Q5: Who are you? What do you want? WHY did you come here?! A: I guess it seemed like a good idea at the (non)time. I am what I choose day by day; I want – well that unfolds and is endless, but I want mostly now to relax enough to begin to grasp the miracle and wonder all around me, and within. And to express it in words and deeds of a wizardly kind that reflect and refract it like a wonderful crystal prism. And to hear and see that there are others out there who hear and see me too.

Q6: Can you make a roast chicken by clicking your fingers? A: No. Fortunately. I would get fat and lazy.

Q7: How did you become a wizard? A: I recognised the archetype, the pattern, in Gandalf and Merlin and others, and saw I could be some of those things, in fact I already was. Then I took it on as a name, and a task.

Q8: Can you do magic? A: No. Not that kind. Only the slow kind, the ‘natural’ kind, and the unprovable kind, where coincidences happen more than they would if I wasnt there.

Q9: What’s it like being a wizard? A: Wonder-ful, when i am on form. Frustrating as hell, otherwise. Like everything.

Q10: Will I ever design clothes? A: if you want to long enough and take action, why not?

Q11: Wats a wizard A: One who stands for the higher timeless principles where he/she is now. see my free ebook How to be a wizard.

Q12: How do i wizard plz? A: See ebook. But, learn and grow for a few decades, and before you know it, you are one. No, really you are born with it, and get glimpses that take your breath away, from time to time. like CS Lewis describes in Surprised by Joy. Then, you believe that since life is so magical, and we are in life, we are too. Especially our minds. It is magic that we can know, i mean KNOW, one and one is two.

Q13: Will i marry again? A: Well, will you? It’s a verb. Do or do not. Find the one. Pay the price. Take the plunge. But I know, you want it to be THE one, divinely appointed. it seems divine appointments come most rarely for the things we are most obsessed with. Relax, trust the appointment-maker, and take action; that’s what being human is – it’s a verb. I preach to myself…

Q14: Why did the world not end in 2012? A: there was unfinished business here. Thought so!

Q15: what will I be when I grow up? A: Anything you set your mind to be and that is in your power to do, no matter how imperfectly at first.

Q16: Am I meant to be a healer? A: See answer above re marrying. As the Alchemist told the Englishman who wanted to learn alchemy: Go and try. to turn some lead into gold. ‘Just do it’…

12 01 13:

Q: What powers do wizards have? – A: all kinds, but they have in common the power to transform ‘structures’, whether by ‘magic’ or (more usually) by intelligence and intuition and experience.

Q: Will I find a stable job in 2013? A: Why are you seeking one? Perhaps reframe and focus on finding a job you are passionate about and believe in the value of the work. Then you will do it well, and that is about the only stability nowadays – become ‘indispensable’, in a good way. but the inner child cards say: Aladdin and the magic lamp. be the magician of your life.

Q: Am I going in the right direction? A: Looks like it. Ace of hearts, in inner child cards – new opportunity, love, whether personal or an idea or endeavor. But of course, if you follow your deepest values and ‘follow your bliss’ it WILL be the right direction.

Q: Will I be able to buy XXX (a horse?) and will I be able to have a riding cantre? A: cards (2 of crystals – 2 children a boy and girl on a seesaw) say balance is needed, working in with other person. Then i presume, Yes. As always, follow and work at your true passion and it will always be better than if you don’t

Q: will i get a pony? A: card looks hopeful! nine of crystals – gnomes on christmas eve.

Q: what’s your real name? A” easy on the surface : Peter James Harris. But real is also what archetype fits me – Merlin, Gandalf… Also often there’s more – I was going to be called Timothy, but when born my mum thought i was a PEter. Or was I?? The name timothy resonates lately -the divine connection, which I seek in my thought and deeds. connection to the One…

Q: will darkside of the goon go big? A: don’t know it! but if it is just curiosity, i don’t think we get those questions answered except by using our own minds and actions. If it is personal to you, i did get the Guardian of swords. michael the protector of pilgrims etc… hmm.. mean anything to you?



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