Peter wanted to build a ‘David’ size Tolkien troll in his parents’ backyard when he was a teenager, and actually began, in their garage, a small ferrocement submarine – intended to be a working piece of sculpture, to view in relative comfort and safety the undersea wonders of the rocky New Zealand coastline. Fortunately for him it was never completed, a six week stint at art school intervening, followed by a period of searching for the meaning of life through art and Cartesian meditations, then his Christian conversion which as explained under Painting put a conscientious halt to art in general for a number of years.

Then, after about seven years of purgatorial manufacturing of photoframes, followed by five years at Auckland university studying philosophy and stubbornly creating his own theory of platonistic process philosophy, in 2001 after moving to the the little town of lights, Kaiwaka, he revived the old ferrocement dream and built cafe Eutopia, with five domes around a ferrocement blue lotus fountain, and a ship’s prow and moongate entranceway with a giant albatross-dolphin above it.

Now in Gisborne for the grandsons, he has been commissioned to build six larger than life ferrocement Maori ‘hue’, or gourds, for the captain landing site which now has Maori art to balance the very European monolith commemorating Cook’s landing. This has helped pay the rent at Dreamspace gallery, and put Peter (a bit) on the map. He would like to do much more original sculptures, public or private. He has started a larger than lifesize statue of a main character from the apples of aeden epic, Quickblade the leader of the Boy Raiders, throwing an enchanted apple at an erring Boy Raider while an anklebiter gnaws at his boot. He is also working on a tall Lady of the Sea, carved from driftwood, and dreaming of other dramatic creations in ferrocement….

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