What can you say? He has the gift of the gab, a visionary mind, and a lot to say about things, so it was inevitable that one day he’d begin a book.

It happened thus: big brother John saw in 1995 that Peter was at a loose end and broke, having just finished his MA in philosophy and threatening to begin a treatise on the Whole Show. John, then the owner of Greenstone Pictures, thought it was time he roped peter in as a kind of conscript to the cause of fiction. John offered Peter money (that most persuasive argument to an impoverished artist or philosopher) to write a backstory to a fantasy film he wanted to produce. Peter protested with the usual philosophical objections to fiction as lies and obfustication of the truth. But John countered cunningly with a socratic question: ‘So, tell me, what would your life have been like without Narnia and Middle Earth?’

Peter could not honestly answer that, except with a shudder of acceptance. His life had been immeasurably enriched and comforted by fantasy so called – and further, enlightened by the many truths imparted by said ‘lies’.

He therefore sequestered himself in the basement of greenstone pictures and began to dream up and write down the backstory to Silverdale, which ‘grew in the telling’ to become the Apples of Aeden, an epic of about four volumes and half a million words… twenty-something years later still a joint work in progress, a shared dream, truth-kaleidoscope and fantasy universe.

Other works of the period include the Nautilus Project, a separte science fiction/fantasy book, and the Sword of the Fifth Element, a spinoff from the Apples of aeden.

The Girl & The Guardian

Shelley is lost in a World once known as Eden. The ancient Tree of Life which grows there is dying, and the deathly Thornmen are lying in wait for her. Someone else has been waiting for Shelley.

He asks to be her Guardian on a perilous quest to save Aeden. The Thornmen are closing in as the Girl and the Guardian seek the lost faery refuge of Urak Tara.
Their way leads into the terrible Valley of Thorns, where they make a daring – and fateful – pact…

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